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I’ve been two away from my next hundred and the fact that it’s not a multiple of five keeps pissing me off.
I have the number 8 idk why it just bothers me.


you deserve to be in a relationship with a person who doesnt make you compete for their affection and never has you guessing where you stand with them

oh no a surfing blog followed me 

like i needed more pictures of the ocean to ogle at omfg


I love the sims because I love architecture, interior design, and playing god



please refrain from making transphobic comments and just like appreciate how amazing amiyah’s hair is 


Someone should promo me I’m so close to my next hundred! ;v;






i accidentally turned my hair purple

really though what do i DO

Quick! Do a closet Hit-Girl and/or Raven cosplay!

maAAAAN i wasn’t quick enough!! it all dried up and it looks mostly white now, except for a strip in the back about an inch wide that’s like, exactly the color of a purple mountains’ majesty crayon. idk and it changed color as it dried, probably some dark magic forces or someth

but the sad part is it’s 2 late for me to b raven :-(